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18th FIMA International Camp for Medical Students

03 – 09 January 2020 G (08 – 14 Jumada I 1441H)
Kampala – Uganda


  • Islamic Medical Association in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (IMAKSA)
  • World Assembly of Muslim Youth (WAMY)


  • Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA)
  • Islamic Medical Association of Uganda (IMAU)

Islamic University in Uganda Females Campus Kabojja

“Muslim Health Professionals in Globalization Era”

Muslim Health Professionals encounter diverse challenges due to  their living amongst heterogeneous mixture of international cultures, ideology, regulations, and  policies. Such inevitable situation  ensues from the globalization, modernity and openness we live on daily basis. Therefore, Muslim Health Professionals are in great need for appropriate direction and guidance relevant to  contemporary health science, education, research and practice from Islamic prospectives. Issues such as identity, affiliation, prudent position, attitude, personality development and international relationship are some of the topics that will be addressed and discussed with our pudding Muslim health professionals.

In its continuous endeavours to build up sound, complete, integrated and balanced personality of Muslim medical students in an early course of their life, the federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) represented by the FIMA Students Affairs Council (FIMASAC) organizes the 18th FIMA Students Camp in Uganda in January 2020.

The event includes diverse programs in the forms of lectures, discussion meetings and debates on Islamic and professional issues. Eminent local and international speakers are invited for participation in the camp activities.


  • An annual gathering of Muslim medical students from all over the world.
  • The students participate in a comprehensive program of educational, cultural, social, sport, tourist and recreational activities.
  • The operations follow closely the scouting camp system.
  • The students themselves primarily run the administration of the camp and its activities under supervision by senior doctors.
  • The duration of the camp is full 7 days.


Registration time Any time from now till Deadline Date.
Deadline date for Registration 15thNovember 2019
Last Date of Arrival to camp site 2ndJanuary 2020
Sole camping period 3rd – 9th January 2020
Departure Date 10thJanuary 2020


  • Foster brotherhood among Muslim students of various Islamic Medical Associations (IMAs) and countries.
  • Enhance mutual understanding and cooperation.
  • Exchange information and experiences.
  • Provide leadership training and organizational skills.
  • Strengthen the involvement of students in IMA activities.
  • Promote communication and networking among the student chapters of IMAs and other countries.


  • Students of Medical and Health Colleges who are affiliated to and/or nominated by Islamic Medical Associations.
  • “Students” can be extended to include first year house officer, newly graduate or first year resident.
  • Both males and females may be accepted for participation in this camp.
  • “Medical and Health Colleges” could be college of medicine, dentistry, pharmacy, health sciences or any other health-related college.
  • “Islamic Medical Associations” (IMAs) should be active, associate or pending members of FIMA.


In the camp, female medical students are welcomed to participate with observation of the following conditions:

  1. The males and females will be absolutely segregated in all activities during the whole period of program including residence, dining and sports places, transportation, recreational and social activities.
  2. The only occasion were both males and females may share the activity is the cultural program in morning sessions from. In such gathering there will be special arrangement of seating in the same lecture room. However, both groups will share interaction and discussion.
  3. Needless to say, both males and females are expected to be dressed in a descent Islamic style.


  • Lectures & Seminars
  • Roundtable discussions & Workshops
  • Debates
  • Forum
  • Project presentation
  • Meet Professors
  • Spiritual sessions
  • Cultural show
  • Skills learning
  • Outdoor activities and sports
  • Educational tours
  • Community Health Service

The field and presentation language is English.


160 students

Each IMA is entitled to participate with a maximum of 6 students, with more quotas for the organizing IMA (IMAKSA) and the hosting country (IMAU). Certain big IMAs will be allowed for larger numbers of delegates as per the special advice that will be sent to them directly. When females are participating, the ratio of male to female is preferably 2:1.

Supervisors: Each IMA should nominate 1 senior student to be the supervisor for the delegation. This supervisor is expected to take care of the communication between the camp administrator and his IMA/delegation.


  • The IMAs and/or individual delegates are responsible for the cost of their return tickets to hosting country as well as their entry Visa fees.
  • There are NO registration fees for the camp.
  • Accommodation, meals and local ground transportation will be provided free of charge by IMAKSA/WAMY during the sole days of camp activities.
  • Participants are responsible for expenses of their stay during days outside the program period if needed. 


Entry visa to the hosting country is the SOLE RESPONSIBILITY of the IMAs and/or the participants.

IMAKSA, WAMY or IMAU unfortunately CANNOT secure visas for the participants. However, you can get guidance and advice from IMAU.

To avoid problems of entry visa, visitors should make sure that the expiry date of their passports is AT LEAST 6 months AFTER THE DATE of expected return departure.

Important prerequisites set by Uganda government before you apply to entry visit:

A formal certificate of Yellow Fever vaccine (Usually valid for 10 years). The vaccine dose should be taken at least 10 days prior to the date of departure to Uganda. This certificate should be carried by the passengers upon arrival to airport.

Prophylaxis for malaria. The usually recommended course is to tale Mefloquine 250 mg oral tablet one week before departure to Uganda, repeat once weekly after arrival and then once weekly for 4 weeks after departure home.  


The registration deadline is 15 November 2019.

All participating students must be registered by their own IMAs.

Students who are not affiliated to any IMAs may register through a neighboring IMA or apply directly to IMAKSA.

Kindly note that it is necessary to complete the attached “Registration Form” in Excel sheet and e-mail it to:   imaksa.students@gmail.com . We strongly encourage getting the list of all participants from each IMA together in the specified attached Excel form.

The registration is not valid until you receive approval letter from the camp administration through your IMA.


The itinerary should be planned to get the destination at Entebbe International Airport.

Participants are advised to arrange their flight reservation  ahead of time for convenience.

Advice and guidance could be obtained from local logistic committee in Uganda (IMAU).

Their contact numbers are:

  1. Dr Ayub Twaha (Camp Cordinator)

email: ayubutwaha@yahoo.com, imau@utlonline.co.org

Phone: +256 772 351 933…

  1. Dr Saka Mustapha

email: mustafassaka@yahoo.com

Phone: +256 779 218 952

  1. Dr Abubakar Kalinaki

email: kalibakaruth@gmail.com

phone: +256 703 973 525


Receiving of participants at Kampala Entebbe Airport and transportation to camp site will be arranged free of charge only if the full details of the confirmed flights of the participants are submitted to us ahead of time (at least one week before the commencement of the camp i.e. Before 25 December 2019)

The camp administration is not responsible for reception of those who fail to abide with this condition.

In communication with us for the itinerary of participants, we strongly encourage you to use the attached form titled “Flight Details Form” for clarity and convenience.

Upon acceptance of registration, we will send you the contacts numbers for reception committee in Entebbe airport.


Later, we will send you the followings:

  • The final timetable of program
  • The camp guide Booklet to provide you with further housekeeping and logistic information with answers to most frequently asked questions.
  • The preparation requirement for the program

Looking forward to see you in our camp.

Thanks and Best Regards

Dr. Atallah Al-Ruhaily
Supervisor General, 18th FIMA Students Camp
Mail: imaksa.students@gmail.com


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