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49 surgeries performed in free surgical camp

Muzaffarabad, 9 January 2017: A free surgical camp was organized by “PIMA International Relief” on 16 to 21 December 2016 at Muzaffarabad. Camp was organized in association with FIMA Relief, PIMA Al-Hajri Hospital, Kashmir Surgical Hospital and Abbas Institute of Medical Sciences Muzaffarabad.

Total 49 surgeries (30 general, 6 plastic and 13 Laparoscopic) were performed by renowned surgeons of different countries including Dr. Asad Farooq, Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon (Australia), Dr. Ashraf, Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon (Australia), Dr. Jameel Akhter, Anesthetic (Canada), Dr. Bilal, Plastic Surgeon Holy Family Hospital (Rawalpindi), Dr. Hamid Fazeel, Plastic Surgeon (Lahore), Dr. Nasir, Anesthetic (Shifa Int.) and Dr.Asad Bilal, Gen & Laparoscopic Surgeon (Muzaffarabad).

Prime Minister Azad Jammu & Kashmir Raja Farooq Hyder Khan inaugurated this camp and appreciated the PIMA medical relief activities especially for earthquake affected population of AJK during years 2005-2006.

Camp was coordinated by Prof Muhammad Iqbal Khan, renowned surgeon and incharge PIMA International Relief.

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