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World Hypertension Day observed

Islamabad, 19 May 2017: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) organized national wide seminars, medical camps and walks on World Hypertension Day (17th May) to create public awareness about this fatal disease. According to international statistics, over one crore persons have high blood pressure which is expected to reach 150 crores by the year 2025, of these 29 percent will include young people.

PIMA President Dr Abdul Malik said in his message, issued on World Hypertension Day that a certain level of blood pressure is essential for life about 140/90, however, if readings consistently exceed this, then treatment becomes necessary.

There are no symptoms when blood pressure exceeds 140/90 continuously, the level at which it is called hypertension, he added. “This is why it is called the silent killer. It is only discovered when checked”. If not treated, it causes narrowing of arteries, heart disease, kidney disease, stroke and loss of vision: very serious effects which can compromise the quality of life.

Meanwhile PIMA held different activities in connection with hypertension day all over the country. At Islamabad, free medical camp and awareness session for journalists was held at National Press Club. Free screening was also arranged through blood pressure monitoring, sugar test and BMI calculation. The session was addressed by Prof Dr Muhammad Tahir Chaudhry, Dr Saeedullah Shah, Dr Muhammad Iftikhar Burni and Dr Muhammad Hasaan Zia.

PIMA Faisalabad held a Hypertension awareness camp at Ghulam Muhammad Abad Hospital. BP of more than 250 patients checked, RBS of more than 100 pts have been checked, BMI of more than 100 pts have been checked.

Awareness walk on International Hypertension Day by PIMA Swat.

PIMA Jacobabad organized multiple activities on the occasion of World Hypertension Day including academic Lecture by Prof Abrar Sheikh (Dean Medicine Shaheed Muhtarma Benazir Bhutto University Larkana), Walk at Jacobabad Institute of Medical Sciences (JIMS), Talk on hypertension for Paramedics and Public at JIMS and a Free Camp at Gul Hospital Jacobabad.

PIMA Lahore arranged a public awareness seminar at press club Lahore on the occasion of World Hypertension Day. Renowned cardiologist Prof. Dr. Shaheryar Sheikh was the chief guest and Dr. Hasan ul Bana (Professor of Cardiology) chaired the session. Dr. Hafiz Ijaz (Professor of Nephrology) and Dr. Aziz ur Rehman (Professor of Medicine) delivered the precise and concise lectures on hypertension in very simple language. After the speech of chief guest prof. Dr shaheryar there was a question answer session. At the end press club representatives presented the shields to the speakers.

A free medical camp was arranged by PIMA Lahore at press club Lahore. 16 consultant doctors of various specialties including medicine, surgery, othopedics, peads, cardiology, ophthalmology, dermatlogy, radiology and pathology along with 11 paramedics participated in the camp. More than 200 patients were examined.

16 ultrasounds and 7 ECGs were done at the spot. 150 patients were screened for hepatitis B & C and bsl by PIMA pathologist and paramedics. Total cholesterol, Uric acid and blood pressure also measured. Free medicines ware also given to all the patients.

PIMA Sialkot arranged a CME program on Hypertension management addressed by Dr Khawar Qureshi.

PIMA Shikarpur arranged 2 Medical Camps and an awareness lecture & walk on the occasion of Hypertension Day.

An awareness walk and session arranged by PIMA Sukkur on Hypertension Day.

A total of 325 patients checked and free medicine provided by PIMA Multan in a free medical camp on the occasion of Hypertension Day. 90 persons screened for Hbs Hcv Cholesterol and RBS. 21 doctors, 10 paramedics and 15 volunteers participated. An awarenss session also held addressed by Dr Wali Muhammad Mujahid and Dr Safdar Iqbal Hashmi.

Press briefing by PIMA Karachi addressed by Dr Ahmad Salman Ghauri (president PIMA Sind) , Dr Atif Siddiqui (president PIMA Karachi), Dr Fawad Farooq (Asst Professor and consultant cardiologist NICVD), and Prof Sohail Akhtar (pulmonologist Indus Hospital).

Awareness walk arranged by PIMA Muzaffarabad on Hypertension Day.

PIMA Khairpur arranged an awareness session and walk in collaboration with Cardiology Deaprtment Khaurpur Medical College. Free screening was also arranged through blood pressure monitoring, cholestrol, Blood Sugar, Uric Acid, ECG DPNP and BMI.

Hypertension awareness Seminar arranged at Govt General Hospital Samananad presided by Dr. Muhammad Saleem Ghauri President PIMA Punjab. Medical Specialist Dr. Tanveer delivered a talk for awareness of general public about the disease. Dr. Khalid Fakhar M.S. of the hospital delivered a short Dars e Quran. Over 100 people participated. Around 80 people examined and advised in Hypertension camp at the same venue. RBS and Blood Cholestrol also checked. Awareness brouchers also distributed.

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