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All About Pain Seminar at Rawalpindi

Rawalpindi, 28 October 2017: Last program of the “All About Pain” series was held at Islamic International Medical College Rawalpindi on 12 October 2017. Speakers included Dr Hasnain Hashim, consultant Neurologist; Dr Fareesa Waqar, HOD Gynae/Obs IIMC; Brig Muhammad Saleem, Professor of Anesthesia; Brig Muhammad Farooq Kharak, HOD Medicine IIMC; and Brig Mushtaq Ahmad, Rheumatologist Military Hospital. They covered different aspects of pain management including What’s new in headache treatment?, Dysmenorrhea, premenstrual migraine: treatment challenges, Non-pharmacological management of acute musculoskeletal disorders, How to manage neuropathic pain and Chronic Arthritides: Indications for surgery.

Prof Muhammad Tahir was the moderator. Lt Gen Azhar Rasheed, Principal IIMC congratulated PIMA for organizing this successful and a very relevant program to most of the doctors.

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