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Healthy Heart Seminar at Swat

Swat, 28 October 2017: PIMA Swat organized a seminar on “Healthy Heart” at Saidu Medical College Swat on 25th October 2017. A large numbers of medical professionals from different institutes and hospitals attended the program with keen interest. The speakers covered different aspects of “Healthy Heart” including “Evaluation of Acute Chest Pain”, “Approach to newly diagnosed Hypertension Patient”, “Approach to a patient with increase Random Blood Sugar and Drug Selection in Diabetic Patient with complication”. This CME activity was addressed by Dr Bilal Ahmad, consultant cardiologist SGTH; Dr Abdul Hadi, consultant cardiologist SGTH; Prof Dr Aziz Ahmad, Principal Swat Medical College and Prof Dr Bacha Amin Khan, HoD Medicine SGTH. The program was moderated by Dr Muhammad Ishaq, President PIMA Swat. This CME program was accredited and 4 CME credit hours were provided to the medical doctors.

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