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FIMA (Federation of Islamic Medical Associations) is a registered body of 30 IMAs and 20 associate members and affiliates worldwide.

Federation of Islamic Medical Associations aims to foster the unity and welfare of Muslim medical and health care professionals, to promote Islamic medical activities including health services, education and research through co-operation and co-ordination among member organizations, to promote the understanding and the application of Islamic principles in the field of medicine, to mobilize professional and economic resources in order to provide medical care and relief to affected areas and communities, and to promote the exchange of medical information and technical expertise among member organizations. It is a not for profit, non political and non Governmental organization. The main FIMA projects includes but not limited to) CIMCO (consortium of Islamic Medical Colleges), IHC (Islamic Hospital Consortium), FIMA Relief, FIMA Save-Vision, FIMA Save-Smile, FIMA Students wing, Year Books, HIV AIDS resource centre and many others.

39th issue – September 2017

February 2017 (34th issue of FIMA e newsletter)

November 2016 (32nd issue of FIMA e newsletter)

July 2016 (28th issue of FIMA e newsletter)

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