Islamic Medical Ethics Symposiums: Nurturing Values in Healthcare by PIMA KPK

Islamabad, 19 January 2023: During this session, PIMA khyber pakhtunkhwa initiated a series of bioethics symposiums across the province to raise awareness among health practitioners about ethical practices aligned with Islamic teachings. Recently, two programs were held at Bacha Khan Medical College/Mardan Medical Complex and Rehman Medical Institute (RMI) Peshawar in mid-January 2024.

In Mardan, the symposium was presided over by the Dean and CEO of BKMC, Prof. Dr. Amjad Ali. Guest speakers included Prof. Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia on doctors-pharma relations, Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab on gender interaction in the medical profession, and Prof. Dr. Fazal Wahab on Haram and Halal in medicine.

In Peshawar, a symposium was arranged at Rehman Medical Institute (RMI). Speakers covered vital topics: Prof. Dr. Najeeb Ul Haq on ‘Medical Ethics and the Role of Muslim Doctors,’ Prof. Dr. Muhammad Tayyab on ‘Gender Interaction in the Medical Field,’ and Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia on ‘Doctor and Pharma Relationship.’

The events received high appreciation and were attended by faculty members, male and female doctors.

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