PIMA calls for urgent international intervention to save Gaza’s health system

Islamabad, 3 January 2024: The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has called for international intervention to save the health sector in Gaza from complete devastation. It has urged international organizations, including the United Nations, and countries to take immediate action to protect the Palestinian civilians who are in dire conditions and the deteriorating health sector.

Dr. Abdul Aziz Memon, the central president of PIMA, said in a statement on Tuesday that currently the public health system in the Gaza Strip has shrunk from 66 active hospitals to 11 temporary active hospitals. These hospitals are constantly under Israeli siege and sniper attacks, facing shortages in medications, medical supplies, fuel, and severe water scarcity. Additionally, 110 other health centers have also been closed. Israel, in blatant violation of the Geneva Convention, has targeted Gaza’s hospitals openly. More than 300 health care workers have been killed and dozens of workers, including senior doctors, have been arrested. More than 60 ambulances carrying the injured have also been destroyed. The civilized world has not witnessed examples before where hospitals are bombed, and they are systematically deprived of fuel, electricity, water, and medical supplies. He emphasized that the temporary active hospitals in Gaza are overwhelmed with wounded, with spreading of diseases such as stomach ailments, pneumonia, meningitis and scabies. The scarcity of clean drinking water has further increased the risk of various infectious diseases. Medical organizations worldwide are calling for the salvation of Gaza before it’s too late. We, representing doctors from around the world, demand that international bodies and countries ensure the continued operation of hospitals in Gaza, enhance their functionality by providing essential items such as medical supplies, fuel, and medical personnel, and establish safe humanitarian corridors for the evacuation of severely injured and ill individuals.

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