The world needs to stop the Israeli aggression against Palestinians

Islamabad, 20 May 2021: Central President of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) Dr Khubaib Shahid has written a letter to Secretary-General United Nations (UN) António Guterres, expressing his dissent over sheer violation of human rights in Palestine since over a week. PIMA urged UN Secretary General to take a unified position to halt barbaric carnages. PIMA demanded him to end this brutal use of power by Israel on Palestinian civilians, provide full protection to health facilities in Gaza Strip, and address the urgent health care need of the besieged population.

PIMA along with other Islamic Medical Associations is also ready to provide medicines, supplies, disposables, PPEs and surgical equipment from our resources, for the people of Gaza at the earliest possible dates. A lot of specialist surgeons, physicians and allied under PIMA extend our cooperation for becoming a part of UN medical squad in order to provide help to the ailing population at Gaza strip.

Dr Khubaib wrote that PIMA, one of the largest organization of physicians of Pakistan, is very much concerned over the news received from inside Gaza as 212 Palestinians have been killed, including 61 children, 36 women, elderly people and leaving behind over 1400 critically wounded, requiring urgent medical care. These wounded people are left on the mercy of destroyed, bombarded and makeshift type medical centers. To call it a war is in itself a mockery of words; it is simple brutal manslaughter of besieged legitimate citizens of Palestine.

He further added that according to Deputy Minister of Health, Gaza, the Israeli forces have directly targeted the Palestine Ministry of Health facilities and destroyed primary health care centers leaving scores of patients in disarray. Israeli forces purposefully targeted the central laboratory’s services, including Corona virus testing, covid19 vaccinations, maternity services, and telemedicine. Israeli air force has targeted several blocks in Gaza making road access to major hospitals impossible.

PIMA, representing Pakistani doctors, strongly condemn, denounce and censure brutality against health care professionals including Dr. Ayman Abu al-Ouf, and Dr. Mooin Ahmed al Aloul of Al-Shifa hospital, who were killed along with their family members by Israeli bombing.

PIMA President told him that according to reliable resources through Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA), of which PIMA is integral part of, there has been 46% deficit in medicinal supplies in Gaza, 33% deficit in medical supplies, 26% deficit in emergency drug items and 22% deficit in emergency medical supplies.

Dr Khubaib wrote that that even ten percent of crimes like these would have made the whole world cry, and would have united to halt the brutal atrocities on civilian population. Ironically, it has always been the Palestinian losses that everyone turns a deaf ear to. This double standard of world powers and bodies is unacceptable.

PIMA also demand provision of critically looked-for personal protection equipment supplies to the shelters to limit the spread of COVID-19.

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