PIMA welcomes approval of PMDC Bill

Islamabad, 10 June 2022: The Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) welcomes the National Assembly’s approval of the “Pakistan Medical and Dental Council” Bill 2022. The improvement of PMDC and the abolition of NLE was a long-standing demand of healthcare professionals. It is also important to address the concerns of doctors, especially regarding corruption in the PMDC in the past. The PMDC’s performance should be reviewed periodically and feedback from organizations of doctors should be taken.

Central President of PIMA Dr. Khubaib Shahid said that PMDC should play an active role in monitoring and improving medical institutions with the factual representation of doctors. Government should include doctors as stakeholders in any healthcare legislation and decisions. There should be formulated consensual laws and policies for the medical community and public health.

He further said that PMDC should have public and private-sector representation from all the provinces and should be run by professionals. He further added that experienced doctors should be selected in the body of PMDC instead of other professionals.

PIMA President said that the accreditation of institutions and registration of doctors by the Pakistan Medical Commission in the past should be restored. There should be clear and effective legislation against corruption in the medical field. He pointed out that several good steps taken by the PMC including early and online registration and renewal were beneficial for thousands of doctors, particularly overseas. Several procedural lacking and red-tapism of the PMDC should be removed to make it a doctor-friendly body.

He said that foreign graduates should be provided house job opportunities, and students pursuing medical education abroad should be supported to complete their studies in Pakistani medical colleges if they have to return home due to emergencies.

He said that the process of accreditation of private colleges should be done on merit and in a very transparent manner. Moreover, these institutions should be bound to an affordable fee structure so that they do not increase the fees arbitrarily.

The President further said that we see the revival of PMDC as a positive decision and hope that the body will be run by professionals and in a professional manner, free from any kind of political interference as in the past.

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