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One-day PIMA Training Workshop held at Sukur

Sukkur Workshop, 28 October

One-day PIMA Training Workshop held at Sukkur on 23 October. central and provincial executive council members, unit presidents from Sindh and Balochistan attended the workshop. Prof Sohail Akhtar (central PIMA president), Dr Merajul Huda Siddiqi, Dr Shamsul Arfeen, Dr Kashif Shazli, Dr Zaheer Umar, Dr Hashim Qureshi, Dr Orangzeb and ...

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Patient Centric Healthcare Initiative عید الاضحیٰ: قربانی اور ہماری ذمہ داری مجھے اردو سے محبت کیسے ہوئی؟ اردو کا نفاذ ناگزیر کیوں؟ Thalassaemia in children can be managed without blood transfusion Naegleria Fowleri Meningoencephalitis FLT-3 gene mutation in Pakistani AML patients by Prof Tahir Shamsi Ethical issues related to Medical Education in ...

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 The history dates back to 1979, when fifty doctors from all over Pakistan met at students teachers center (STC) of the Punjab University, Lahore in the month of October. They laid down the foundation of an organization named as Pakistan Doctors Forum (PDF), a fraternity of medical profession. PDF carried ...

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To motivate the doctors to follow the basic tenets of Islam To use the contact with public for Propagation of Islam To organize, ideological, moral and professional training of member doctors To align the professional medical association on constructive lines to strive for the solution of the problems of medical profession ...

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Dr Abdullah Khilji elected as president PIMA Sindh

Dr Abdullah Khilji President PIMA Sindh (2015 - 2016)

 Karachi, 3 April 2015: The members of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association Sindh have elected Dr Abdullah Khilji as the President of PIMA Sindh for the Session 2015-16. This election took place during the 14th Biennial PIMA SINDH convention at Karachi. Dr Khilji is a Public Health Specialist in PPH Sukkur ...

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