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Call for urgent steps to prevent Congo virus epidemic

PIMA Press Conference

Karachi, 18 August 2016: Public health experts have asked the provincial health and livestock authorities to ensure inspections of sacrificial animals, insecticide sprays at cattle markets and the establishment of isolation wards at major hospitals to prevent an outbreak of Congo Crimean Hemorrhagic Fever (CCHF) in Karachi ahead of Eid-ul-Azha. ...

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The Islamic Advisory Group for Polio Eradication

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The Islamic Advisory Group for Polio Eradication (IAG) in collaboration with ISDB, OIC and WHO hold its 5th session in Jeddah- Saudi Arabia. The Islamic Advisory Group for Polio Eradication (IAG) adopted a new work-plan to help in the final push to end polio in Pakistan and Afghanistan, the last ...

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PIMA condemned Quetta blast

quetta blast

Islamabad, 8 August 2016: Central PIMA President Dr Abdul Malik and President PIMA Baluchistan Dr Habibur Rahman have condemned the shocking blast in civil hospital Quetta killing and injuring dozens of innocent people. They said terrorism of any kind is inhuman; the fact that it was carried out in a ...

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پی او بی کیجانب سے459 آنکھوں کے مفت آپریشن

POB camps

پریس ریلیز:22جولائی 2016ء پاکستان اسلامک میڈیکل ایسوسی ایشن (پیما)کے شعبہ انسداد نابینا پن کے تحت گزشتہ تین ماہ کے دوران 459آنکھوں کے مفت آپریشن کئے گئے۔ پیما ترجمان کے مطابق اپریل تا جون ملک کے 6شہروں میں تین روزہ فری آئی کیمپس کا انعقاد کیا گیا جن میں وہاڑی، ٹوبہ ...

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Free Medical Camp by PIMA Balochistan


Quetta, 19 July 2016: PIMA Baluchistan arranged a free medical camp at Maizai Adda, Qilla Abdullah on Sunday 29th May 2016. Nine Specialists doctors, belonged to the different domains participated in the camp. More than 1373 patients were examined and free medicines provided. The camp was held in collaboration with ...

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PIMA delegation attended the FIMA conference

fima conference

Islamabad, 26 July 2016: A delegation of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) attend the international medical conference of the Federations of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA) in Nigeria, which was held on 19-22 July in Abuja city. Renowned health experts from 38 countries were participated in the event. Dr Abdul Malik ...

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PIMA‬ booklet on Haj and health approved

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Islamabad, 14 July 2016: Ministry of Religious Affairs approved booklet on Hajj and Health prepared by Pakistan Islamic medical Association (PIMA) to distribute among the Hajj pilgrims. The State Minister of Religious Affairs Pir Amin AlHansat Shah stated that this booklet provides guidance and awareness and very common and easy ...

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