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First of six Free Sugar Screening Camp

ist diabetic camp on 22 Dec 15

Peshawar, 30 December 2015: The first Free Sugar Screening and Care Provision Camp in the series of six was held on Dec 22, 2015 at Chamkani, district Peshawar. These camp are going to be held in earthquake affected districts of KPK in collaboration with AIMS Diabetes and Research Hospital Peshawar. ...

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Distribution of ARI & Pneumonia Prevention Packages

ARI packeges

Dir Lower, 30 December 2015: PIMA has distributed ARI and Pneumonia Prevention Packages to 100 families at Maskini Darra, Lower Dir in collaboration with Alkhidmat on 24 December. The unit package consisted of Honey (1/2 Kgm), Vaseline (1 pack), Baby winter-wear with hood (1), Full sleeves coats for children under ...

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MoU to hold free Sugar Camps

Peshawar, 23 December 2015: PIMA KPK and AIMS Diabetes and Research Hospital Peshawar have signed an MoU to hold six free sugar camps for earthquake affectees in Peshawar, Lower Dir, Upper Dir, Swat, Shangla and Bajor. 1st of these camps is planned to be held in the EQ affected area ...

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ARI & Pneumonia Prevention Package

Peshawar, 23 December 2015: PIMA Relief KPK in collaboration with AF plans to distribute the package in 50-60 households of a pre-identified location in Lower Dir, who are lying in the open during the intense cold. The package / family shall comprise of Honey – 1/2 Kg, Vaseline – One ...

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