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Medicine and Islamic Fiqh Seminars

Islamabad, 23 October 2018: A two-day Central training workshop by PIMA Women Branch, North Punjab chapter, was held at Dawah Centre Islamabad on 13-14 October 2018. The function was attended by over 50 doctors from various cities. The program comprised of a seminar on Medicine & Islamic fiqh and a workshop on the Quranic verse کونو انصار اللہ. The Workshop was conducted by Dr Umme Kalsoom, Incharge PIMA Tarbia.

The Seminar on Islamic Fiqh included medical aspects related to medicine e.g beginning of life issues, end of life issues, altering nature and use of ‘haram’ things for treatment. Speakers on the occasion were Dr Shumaila Shareef, Dr Naveed Butt, Dr Sayyeda Farzana and Dr Salma Jabeen respectively. Prof Sohail Hassan, Director Dawah Academy, Prof Muhammad Iqbal Khan and Dr Azmatullah also attended the concluding session.

The same program was also held at Faisalabad on 20-21 Oct and at Karachi on 8-9 Sep 2018.

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