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One of the outstanding project of PIMA is relief work. PIMA has rendered valuable services during disasters as well as regularly part of PIMA activities.

PIMA provided emergency services in natural and man made disasters nationally and internationally. PIMA was one of the few relief organizations providing medical relief to the effectees of Tsunami in Indonesia and Srilanka, affectees of Bam earthquake, effectees of Afghan first and second war, Kashmir conflict, affectees of Bosnian and Kosovian war, in Chechnya war and during Katrina (USA) disaster. PIMA’s outstanding relief performance in Ocrt. 2005 earthquake , IDP’s of Malaknd and Swat Flood affectees of 2010 & 2011 were recognized nationally and internationally.

PIMA is committed to promote health awareness among the communities and providing medical aid to victims of poverty, diseases, natural disasters and war. PIMA remained pioneer in managing national and international disasters. In fact it’s extensive network of hospitals, welfare clinics and free medical camps working in Pakistan and abroad makes PIMA one of the leading medical relief organizations.

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PIMA Corona Relief 2020

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