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Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) was established in Oct, 1979. Since its inception PIMA has been striving to achieve its goals in professional and training of doctors, calling its members and associates towards Islamic way of life through its regular Dawah and training workshops and seminars. PIMA played a significant role in enrichment of professional skills through regular hands on workshops to meet the requirements of the country in particular and of international community during wars, disaster and peace. PIMA relief remained always on the fore fronts during National and international disasters like earth quacks, Tsunami, Floods, Cyclones and wars. PIMA has established medical institutions of international repute contributing in quality medical, dental and allied specialties. Through its regular contribution in health awareness, education and community services PIMA has been regularly struggling for upbringing the health of the masses. The health institutions of PIMA like hospitals, clinics, free medical camps and specialized campaigns remained instrumental alleviating the suffering of those who are otherwise not cared. PIMA has developed specialized expertise in managing disasters of all sorts whether man made or natural. PIMA Project POB has remarkable services for the prevention of blindness national & International Levels. PIMA established projects of international repute in collaboration with FIMA, like Consortium of Islamic medical colleges (CIMCO), Islamic Hospital Consortium (IHC), FIMA save vision, FIMA save dignity and many other projects. PIMA’s mega projects like Peshawar Medical College and Mega pharmaceutical industry are remarkable achievements serving the community at large.

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