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PIMA Syria relief activities

Islamabad, 4 December 2018: PIMA relief activities commenced for the Syrian refugees in October 2015. So for a total of 35 million rupees has been spent in this regard. These activities for refugees is a joint venture with the Turkish organization; Doctors World Wide (DWW). We arranged over 100,000 pounds sterling donations for the Syrian project from UK, through Brother Abdul Hamid Qureshi, CEO Lancashire Council of Mosques.

Initially, six medical centers were set-up in Lebanon and Turkey with the co-operation of Federation of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA).

In January 2017, 4.8 million aid was provided for the help of Syrian refugees and Pakistani doctors offered to provide services to the refugee camps.

In March 2017, a high level delegation of PIMA made a trip to Turkey and visited the towns of Hatay and Karihan. A visit was also made to an orphanage in the area to get information on relief measures being carried out there. A memorandum of understanding was also signed with DWW on the occasion with regard to measures taken for medical aid of Syrian refugees.

To date, five visits have been made by PIMA delegations to refugee camps in the area headed by Prof Muhammad Iqbal Khan, Director PIMA International Relief to observe on-going activities. It is heartening to note that relief activities are not only forthcoming in refugee camps in Turkey but also in areas along the Syrian border and in Syria, itself. In Sawran, a 25 bed Mother and Child hospital was set up with aid by PIMA which was upgraded to 50 beds and OPD started.

In the Ramadhan of 2018, PIMA provided edibles to over 6000 Syrian refugees in Turkey for thirty days incurring an expenditure of 31,288 dollars. 200 wheel chairs were provided to war-disabled refugees and 300 hygiene kits distributed. Responsibility to support 200 orphan refugees has also been undertaken, 33,000 dollars have also been donated for refugees and Eid gifts distributed. It should be remembered that support to orphans has been continuing since three years.

All these activities of PIMA are continuing to date. There is an urgent need of medical equipment and an ambulance in the Medical Centre in the Syrian town; Sawran. An appeal for funds to doctors in particular and to the public in general is made to support such activities in the war-torn area.

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