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PIMA KPK Biennial Convention 2019

Peshawar, 24 April 2019: 16th Biennial Convention of PIMA Khyber PK was held on 23-24 March 2019 at Khyber Medical College, Peshawar. Guest speaker of the 1st session was Dr Shamsul Haq Hanif who delivered Dars-e-Quran on ولقد یسرنا القرآن للذکر فھل من مدکر. This session was chaired by Prof Muhammad Hamayoon, Medicine Dept. KTH while co*chair was Dr Abdul Malik, ex-president PIMA. Provincial President Dr Anwar Jamal presented welcome note and biennial repost on this occasion. Second session was with the theme: خدمت خلق کے ذریعے رضائے الٰہی کا حصول، chaired by Dr Iqbal Khalil, ex-president PIMA. Prof Hafeez-ur-Rehman delivered keynote speech on Islamic Perspective of relief and PIMA contribution. Other speakers of this session were Prof Intizar Hussain Butt and Dr Faqir Anwar who presented brief introduction of Prevention of Blindness Trust and Mercy Educational Complex respectively. Third session was on Doctors Advocacy / Health Policy, chaired by Prof Noor-ul-Islam, Dean KMC. Mr Anayatullah Khan, member provincial assembly; Mr Mushtaq Yousafzai, journalist and Dr Rehman Khattak, provincial coordinator TRF were among guest speakers of this session.

Dr Fazle Azeem was keynote speaker of 4th session. His topic was how to flourish your practice and also make it ibadah. Separate sessions for female doctors and medical students were held during this period. Last session of the first day was clinical session, chaired by Prof Arshad Javed, VC KMU. Co-chairs were included Prof Mukhtiar Zaman and Dr Abdul Aziz Zia. This session comprised lectures on Obesity, the new epidemic; haram as medicine; an approach to a patient with dyspnea; headache is a symptom and must to explored; gender interaction in medical profession and every bleeding per rectum is not hemorrhoids. Prof Muhammad Tayyab, PMC; Prof Fazle Wahab, PMC; Dr Muhammad Asghar, HMC; Prof Muhammad Subhan, PMC; Dr Ayesha Abdullah, PMC and Dr Muhammad Kamran Hassan were among the speakers of this session.

Second day was started with the thematic talk on خیرکم من تعلق القرآن وعلمہ delivered by Prof Misbah-ur-Rehman Yousafi. Concluding session was chaired by Prof Muhammad Afzal Mian, president PIMA. Mr Abdul Basit, ex-ambassador in India and Germany addressed on challenges of muslim ummah and role of Pakistan. Another speaker of this session was Senator Mushtaq Ahmad Khan, head JI Khyber PK. Results of PIMA elections also announced in this session. Prof Muhammad Tayyab, professor of surgery PMC has been elected as the president of PIMA KPK for the session 2019-21.

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