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PIMA Faculty Tarbia Program at Islamabad

Islamabad, 25 July 2019: One-day Faculty Tarbia program was held at Da’wa academy, Islamabad on 14 July 2019. Doctors from Punjab and Azad Kashmir have participated. Dr Javed Mirza (کامیابی اور ناکامی کا قرآنی تصور) Prof Najib ul Haq (مطالعہ قرآن کے آداب) Prof Sohail Hassan (نبی اکرم صل اللہ علیہ ...

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Two-day Tarbia Program at Islamabad

Islamabad, 17 December 2018: Two-day Tarbia program for doctors held at Da’wa academy, Islamabad on 15-16 December 2018. The program was focused on learning Qura’an with a theme of “ولقد یسرنا القرآن للذکر فھل من مدکر”. Doctors from Punjab, KPK and Azad Kashmir have participated. Qari Zia ur Rehman (تجوید القرآن الکریم) Prof ...

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PIMA Tarbia Workshop held at Karachi

Karachi, 30 December 2015: A workshop was organized by PIMA Tarbia Karachi on 24th December at house of wisdom. The topics were وراثت کی تقسیم and عبادالرحمان کی خصوصیات. More than 50 participants including females attended the program. The speakers were Mr. Sajid Jamil & Dr. Imran Ghayoor.

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PIMA KPK Tarbia Programs

Peshawar, 29 December 2015: PIMA Tarbia KPK arranged a one day training workshop for its members at Abbotabad on 24 December. About 30 members from Hazara Division attended the program. Provincial Incharge PIMA Tarbia Dr Tahir Mehmood and Dr Samiullah also participated and addressed to the audience. Another Tarbiati program ...

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Cetnral Training Workshop held at Rawalpindi

2-day training workshop by PIMA centre held at Islamic International Medical College, Rawalpindi on 23-24 October. PIMA office bearers from Punjab, KPK and AJK participated at large number. the keynote speakers were including Hafiz Muhammad Idrees (director IMI), Prof Muhammad Tariq, Dr Fazl e Azeem, Khalil ur Rehman Chishti, Prof ...

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