Dengue Awareness 2017

18 September 2017: practical steps taken so far as were indicated / required include:

  1. Coordination with DoH Dengue Response Unit
  2. Capacity building of the community volunteers
  3. Suggested standard screening criteria for AF mobile screening
  4. Ad in press for donation
  5. Distribution of case management guidelines among health / academia
  6. Distribution of community educational leaflets, and
  7. Finalizing selection of the female community mobilizers; they will be trained in the upcoming week, and from Oct till Dec they will be educating, mobilizing the communities, screening the habitat for household and community action together with regular reporting on daily basis from Oct 1 till end of Dec for the three months planned project duration iA.


11 September 2017: As indicated earlier, meeting held this day at Peshawar Medical College with Head CHS, PMC and Students’ Social Welfare Society (SSS PMC) to explore the various possibilities for joint dengue response before reverting to Dengue Response Unit (DRU). A summary of the suggestions and decisions is outlined below.

1. Community Education
a. It was held that it’s more or less saturated or fatigued area by now to evoke warmer response.
b. Sessions with staff and students of educational institutions might be relatively better option to work on with potential to self sustain through the trained staff. PIMA educational material may be used for the purpose
2. Meet the local Ulama as means for spread of key messages agreed as an other important area to look into.
3. Linkages with community mobilizers funded by PIMA and to be trained by PF for habitat screening and community action appeared a useful option. SSS leaders can be linked with for providing supportive supervision in a way that it remains compatible with their academics.
4. PIPH to Collaborate with DRU for joint orientation of the public health resource of PF and SSS cabinet as well as joint planning for better reach out and action. 


8 September 2017: Dr. Anwar Jamal, President PIMA KPK met the KP Relief Team at PIPH Peshawar. He was briefed about the relief activities taken so far in connect in with the dengue epidemic and planned ones. He assured his full cooperation and support in terms of appropriate press coverage and durable strategic planning for the relief activities including resource support. He appreciated the coordination effort with DRU and indicated other potential avenues that may afford efficiency while taking care that roles and resources aren’t duplicated among various partners.


30 August 2017: Incharge PIMA Relief KPK Dr Saeed Anwar visited the Dengue Response Unit and had a brief meeting with Dr. Faisal Shahzad, Lead DRU and his consultant colleague Dr Iftikhar, AP Bacha Khan Medical College with a view to take an update from and exchange notes about the dengue epidemic.

It was suggested and agreed that in-sh’a-Allah soon after Eid-al-Adha, PIPH and DRU will collaborate for orientating the faculty and students’ social welfare society of Peshawar Medical College. This will be followed by joint planning and agreed action for networking with PIMA as a professional organization and Alkhidmat Foundation as a community volunteer resource for strategic actions of training the volunteers for habitat screening and prompting household and community action to create anti-vector environment and thus contribute towards curbing spread of the epidemic.


Training Workshop

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Date: 25 August 2017: One day training was held at Prime Institute of Public Health (PIPH), Peshawar under the auspices of Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) Relief Peshawar for a cohort of twenty local community workers who hailed from Tehkal, Gharib Abad, Jehangir Abad and Palosi. Purpose of the training was to train them as voluntary workforce for community education and mobilization of the epidemic afflicted communities. Executive members of Alkhidmat Foundation, district Peshawar also participated in the workshop.
The thrust of workshop was on orientating the participants about dengue vector, clinical features of the disease, and importance of the screening activity for early diagnosis and prompt treatment. Special sessions were held about dos and don’ts of communication, self-care, household and neighborhood protection. A special video in Urdu on various aspects of dengue control was also shown to the participants to consolidate the imparted knowledge. An artifical habitat favoring the spread of dengue was created at PIPH to enable participants screen the habitat for dengue risk assessment and prompting household residents and communities for sanitary and risk elimination action at household and community level. They were also skilled on how to appropriately document and report health education, distribution of educational material and habitat screening.
Certificate of participation was given to all the participants.


Awareness Brochure

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