Exploring Reproductive Practices from an Islamic Perspective – Insights from the PIMA Women’s Wing Seminars

The PIMA Women Wing organized seminars titled “Contemporary Issues in Reproductive Health Practices: An Islamic Perspective” in Mardan, Bahawalpur, and Multan. Distinguished speakers elaborated on permissible and prohibited reproductive practices in accordance with Islamic teachings. These seminars took place at MMC Mardan on February 24th, at Civil Hospital Bahawalpur on February 26th, and at Nishtar Medical College Multan on February 27th.

These seminars attracted a significant attendance of healthcare professionals and postgraduate students.

The sessions covered three topics: “Islamic Viewpoint on Elective Termination of Pregnancy,” “Latest Developments and Limitations of Assisted Reproductive Techniques,” and “Contraception: Pragmatic Approach in Our Muslim Society,” presented by senior gynecologists followed by panel discussion.

Speakers highlighted that globally, 50 million unborn babies are aborted annually, emphasizing that Islamic teachings permit abortion only under solid medical grounds. They clarified that abortion before and after 120 days of pregnancy is conditionally allowed if there is a threat to the life of the mother. It was proposed that a committee comprising a religious scholar, pediatrician, gynecologist, and relevant health professionals be formed to assess abortion appeals based on Islamic and medical conditions.

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