PIMA donated 85,000 US $ for Syrian Refugees

Syria is burning and Muslim Umma along with its inhabitants are laeast concerned about the grave situation in Syria. Innocent Muslim women, children and armless people are made victim of the worst aggression from all sides. The worst human atrocity claiming over 350,000 lives and 12 million people are badly affected with internal and external migration.  Over six million people have taken refuge in the nearby countries while 3.5 in Turkey, 1, 1 millions in Lebanon, 555000 in Jordan, nearly 229000 in Iraq, apart from 7.4 million internally displaced Syrian population. Nearly 12 million are displaced making almost half of the national population is at the run and still 13, 5 million people are in dire need of humanitarian assistance.  (Ref BBC,).

The actual Human crises in Syria is worse then it was reported in media whereas most of the relief organizations willing to provide assistance inside Syria are actually denied the access to the troublesome areas and therefore those who escape the attempt on life can only be taken care of weather have taken refuge inside the Syrian territory of have flown abroad.  Those who fled Syria since the start of the conflict, most of them women and children. Neighboring Lebanon, Jordan and Turkey have struggled to cope with one of the largest refugee exoduses in recent history. Less then 10% of Syrian refugees have sought safety in Europe, sowing political divisions as countries argue over sharing the burden.  The U.N. estimates that only 1 in 10 Syrian refugees live in camps. The rest are struggling to settle in unfamiliar urban communities or have been forced into informal rural environments.

According to the U.N., more than half of all Syrian refugees — roughly 2.5 million — are under the age of 18. Most have been out of school for months, if not years. About 35,000 school buses would be needed to drive every young refugee back to Syria.

As most of the refugees are located in Turkey and yet more pouring in therefore Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) decided to find a partner in the neighboring Turkey and we found that Doctors World Wide (DWW) Turkey is actively involved in humanitarian work inside Syria and in refugee camps. DWW is one the leading medical organizations that providing health care facilities to them.

PIMA so for managed to send 85 thousands US dollars to Turkey in the account of Doctors world wide- a legal Relief body extensively involved in multinational relief work including Gaza, Europe, Africa, Asia and middle East and they arrive everywhere it is deem necessary. On the invitation of DWW, A three members deligation comprising of the senior members of the medical fraternity and academia, the senior members of PIMA and exuctive body travelled to istanbul on 28th March 2017 and next day  they manage to fly to Hataya a boarder city located nearly 40 km inside turkey from the Syrian border from Hatya they travelled to kirikhan- a more close to Syrian border- a small town where more than 50% of the population was refugees.  They stayed there for two days and inspected general and medical relief facility, organized by HAYAD FOUNDATION, a local relief body allied with DWW.  They also visited Orphanage established for the Syrian children who are orphan by both the parents and the delegation was told that there are more than 22000, such orphan among Syrian refugees and they are kept in different orphanages, where the government of turkey and their local NGOs are striving to provide best possible educational, recreational, residential and nutritional facilities to these children.  The medical facilities were established by the Turkish government and by the NGO like DWW to cater the health needs of refugees. Our delegation also visited general relief camp and how the refugees were looked after by the different NGOS but main load of the refugees is barred by the Government of Turkey in collaboration with local NGO including Doctors World Wide. Our team immediately found need for augmentation of medical services in the region including maternity services, surgical and Ophthalmological services to meet the immediate needs of the refugees. The team also visited medical centers established by DWW in Istanbul and observed the highest quality health care services being provided to the Syrian refugees.

We also visited the Head quarter of the DWW and held a detail meeting their board of director with Chairman Dr. Yahya and Executive director Dr. Ali Dogan. After detailed deliberations and finding possible means of collaboration to effectively help the Syrian refugees in Turkey on 31st March we signed an MOU between DWW and PIMA on long term collaboration to provide assistance, particularly in the medical Centre of Hayad – DWW established at kirikhan.

We are planning to send another delegation after Ramadan and during Ramadan we will provide maximum help to our brethren to Syrian refugees in turkey. We are planning to raise over half a million USD to cater the needs of Orphan, medical services and health needs of the refugees for at least a year to come insha Allah

*This press conference was held on 8th April at Islamabad addressed by Prof Mohammad Iqbal Khan (Director PIMA International Relief).

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