PIMA Sukkur’s Honoring of Retired Professionals

PIMA Sukkur hosted a Farewell and Ramadan Reception program at PIMA House on March 7th, 2024, to honor retired professors and doctors. The event was attended by a large number of doctors, professors, and faculty members, including Dr. Zahid Hussain Solangi, MS-GMC Hospital and Dr. Nasrullah Sumro, MS Civil Hospital Shikarpur. Thirteen retired professors and doctors were presented with gifts and Ajrak. Prof. Dr. Abdul Basit spoke about the significance of Ramadan during the ceremony. Notable speakers included PIMA President Dr. Abdul Aziz Memon, Prof. Dr. Zulfiqar Sumro, Prof. Ghulam Haider Rind, Prof. Akhtar Hussain Samo, Dr. Aftab Sumro, Prof. Nadeemuddin, Prof. Farooq Mughal, Dr. Abdul Wahid Abbasi, Dr. Ghayas-ul-Shan, and others.

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