SOPs of PIMA-CME Department

SOPs of PIMA-CME Department

(Approved in CWC meeting 09/08/15)

Mission Statement       

“ To plan, execute and monitor academic activities for doctors and other health care professionals improve and enhance their knowledge, skills, professional performance and ethical standards as part of their Continuing Professional Development (CPD) in order to better serve the patients and to improve the outcome.”

Administrative Structure

The PIMA-CME Department will consist of following committees/structures to accomplish its goals.

  1. CME Core Committee
  2. CME Quality Assurance Committee
  3. Management & Record keeping

CME Core Committee                                    

A CME Core Committee is established by central council of PIMA comprising of senior doctors with experience in academic, clinical and administrative fields. It includes members from all provinces of the country. Director of PIMA-CME Department heads the committee. One of the members is appointed as secretary of the committee.

The job of committee includes,

  1. To manage all aspects of CME activity to be certified by PIMA-CME Department.
  2. To receive the proposals of intended CME activities 6 weeks prior to due date and to evaluate its suitability and compliance with PMDC guidelines.
  3. To refer the CME activity proposal to the Quality Assurance Committee after initial evaluation.
  4. To approve the CME activity after the recommendation of Quality Assurance committee.
  5. To present to the PMDC details of the intended CME activity 30 days prior to the scheduled date.
  6. To intimate the concerned branch/activity director about approval and to provide guidelines for compliance.
  7. To appoint an observer, if needed, for the activity.
  8. To receive all the relevant material after the completion of activity and to scrutinize it for compliance.
  9. To send all the required documents to PMDC about completed activity.
  10. To issue the certificates to the concerned branch for distribution to the participants.
  • To maintain record of completed activity for required period.

CME Quality Assurance Committee

PIMA-CME Department will establish a CME Quality Assurance Committee (QAC) comprising of consultants from various medical disciplines with following credentials.

  1. Medical teachers of the rank of at least assistant professor.
  2. Consultants with at least 5 year of experience after achievement of post graduate qualifications.

The tasks of members of QAC include the following.

  1. To receive the CME activity proposal from CME Core Committee after initial evaluation
  2. To evaluate the contents of activity for its suitability and compliance of PMDC guidelines
  3. To evaluate the credentials of CME activity facilitators / speakers
  4. To provide recommendations to the CME Core Committee for approval of the activity

PIMA-CME Department – Management and Record Keeping

PIMA-CME Department will perform its functions by a team of professionals headed by the secretary of CME Committee under the directions of Director CME. The record of each CME activity will be maintained in both hard and soft forms. Periodic meetings of CME Core Committee will be held to review the details of CME activities and working of the management department to ensure the compliance according to the guidelines and SOPs.

Process of CME Activity

  1. PIMA Branches / Units will plan and initiate CME Activities to cater the needs of doctors of their area.
  2. The details of CME activity will be sent to CME department on the information sheet (available at PIMA website) along with CVs of the facilitators /speakers 6 weeks prior to the due date.
  3. PIMA-CME department will complete its evaluation with the recommendations of Quality Assurance Committee within 2 weeks.
  4. Formal approval will be sent to the concerned branch and all the required information will be sent to PMDC.
  5. The CME in-charge of local branch will send the following information to the CME Department within one week after the activity.
    1. Summary report of the CME activity
    2. List of participants with their attendance and PMDC registration numbers.
    3. Feedback forms
  6. PIMA-CME department will review the data and issue the CME certificates within one week. Copies of required documents will be sent to PMDC.

Expenses of CME Activities

  1. A reasonable and modest registration fee may be charged from CME participants to meet the expenses.
  2. PIMA branches may receive contributions and donation from its member.
  3. Sponsorship from other organizations and pharmaceuticals may be accepted with following conditions.
    1. The educational grant will be unrestricted and solely at the discretion of PIMA-CME activity organizer.
    2. The content of presentation would be free from any commercial bias and promotion.
    3. Promotional posters flex signs, brochures and other material will not be displayed in the activity room.
    4. Brand names of the drugs will not be used in the scientific presentations.

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