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PIMA planning and response for earthquake relief

Soon after the news arrived, president PIMA center instructed all central shoora members to initiate need assessment and start providing relief to affectees wherever applicable.

Central office collected data of available specialists among PIMA members and contacts; two focal persons (orthopedic surgeons) were asked to be on standby and prepare a team with them.

Alkhidmat foundation (AKF) were contacted and medical help in their work areas was offered to president AKF.

Contacts were made by central relief in charge and secretary with provincial presidents and affected units, especially Peshawar, Dir, and Swat. All were actively helping out local DHQs and other government hospitals, including surgeries and attending patients. It was learnt that most major cities and towns were adequate to cope with casualties.

Federation of Islamic Medical Association (FIMA) contacted PIMA same day to offer help; President FIMA Dr Tanveer Zuberi briefed them of developments

PIMA KPK emergency meeting about planning for earthquake relief (27-10-2015)

The meeting was called up by Dr Muhammad Subhan, president PIMA KPK at Kuwait Hospital Peshawar, attended by Dr. Tayyab GS PIMA KPK, Dr. Saeed Anwer in charge PIMA Relief KPK and Dr. Muhammad Sharif of Prime Foundation.

Dr Tayyab presented situation update in the light of his contacts with local units of PIMA in the worst hit Malakand Division, and district Chitral.

The following decisions were taken:

  • PIMA local units will act as Primary Respondents by mobilizing local HR and resources. They will act in close concert with Al-khidmat Foundation in the district for needs assessment, synergistic specific response and support.

The District Focal Persons agreed for various districts were:

  1. Lower Dir: Dr. Asghar
  2. Upper Dir: Dr. Munirul Haq
  3. Swat: Dr. Anwar Jamal
  4. Shangla: Dr. Rahmatullah Upal (with HR support from PIMA Swat)
  • Each unit will stay in touch with the provincial PIMA for any specific help that they may require in terms of referrals or finances, human and technical support. The province will support them from within or with support of PIMA Center.
  • GS KPK will pass on the decisions to all the focal persons, including contacts, who will share relief updates on daily basis with the province. Following will act as contacts for the purpose:

First Contact: Dr. Saeed / Dr. Muhammad Sharif

Second Contact: Dr. Tayyab

  • Given that Chitral has taken the heaviest brunt of earthquake following floods, agreed to continue with the Mobile Health Camp in Mulkhow which was operating since floods, for another month at least.
  • GS KPK will help with identifying a focal person for Bajaur. Until then, Alkhidmat Foundation will be the primary contact for the area.

Further information received:

President PIMA Swat informed that they were actively involved in coordination with Alkhidmat Foundation, and had also offered the CE Saidu Sharif Teaching Hospital their help and support, if and where needed.

GS PIMA KPK spoke to Dr. Khan Saeed, MS Agency Head Quarter Hospital Bajaur, who told that they had received more than 100 casualties, and needed basic medicines and supplies like antibiotics, analgesics, sutures, and dressing items etc. It was agreed that PIMA Relief KPK will provide an initial package of the required items to the tune of PKR 25,000 and will follow it up. (As up to 1600 hours 28-10-2015)

Update: 4 November 2015


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