Dr. Nusrat Iqbal elected as President of PIMA Women Wing

Dr. Nusrat Iqbal has been elected as President of the PIMA Women Wing for the session 2022-24. She took the oath of her responsibility at PIMA/FIMA International Scientific Convention at Jinnah Convention Centre on 30th October 2022.

Dr. Nusrat Iqbal graduated from Sindh Medical College in 1981 and did MCPS in Health Care System Management in 2015, did MAS (Master in administrative science) & PGD Public administration from University of Karachi.

She served as DMS, Senior Manager of Administration and Manager of Quality Assurance at Al Khidmat Hospital from 2014-2021 and also has visiting fellowship in Gynaecology and Anesthesia at Jikae University Tokyo Japan.

She is affiliated with PIMA since 1983 and served on different responsibilities including president of PIMA Karachi, president of PIMA Sindh and also Central president of PIMA Women Wing in session 2012-14.

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