Pakistan’s medical fraternity aghast at Israeli attack on Gaza hospital

Karachi, 19 October 2023: The doctors’ community all over Pakistan has strongly condemned Israel for its bombardment of Al-Ahli Hospital in Gaza yesterday and for killing over one thousand innocent patients, citizens, and healthcare workers.

“Israel has crossed all limits in the current Gaza offensive. Geneva Convention clearly states that in war situation the health care facilities, health care workers, and medical aid would not be disturbed”. “Isreal on the other hand has actually deprived the suffering Palestinians in Gaza of the necessary medical aid”.

“Yesterday it carried the most un-imaginable act of barbarism by bombarding Baptist Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza, killing hundreds of patients and civilians who were taking refuge in and around the hospital”.

These were the statements by different doctors’ representatives in today’s press conference at Press Club Karachi. The speakers belonged to the Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA), Pakistan Medical Association (PMA), Young Doctors Association (YDA) and others.

The representatives asked the UNO and WHO, and also the Pakistani and other Governments: Why on earth is Israel allowed to continue its criminal acts, and why the world bodies and governments do not stop the blatant killing of innocent civilians? Why isn’t medical aid allowed to go inside Gaza, when the whole world including Pakistani organizations are prepared to help the war-stricken Palestinian?

“Enough is enough, said the speakers. The Western hippocratic leaders should either say openly said that they support the killing of civilians, or stop the aggressors with utmost force”.

The doctor’s organization in Pakistan announced observing a BLACK DAY across the country on Thursday 19th October 2023 in protest against Israel’s war crimes and criminal silence of the world.

We demand:

We urge all hospitals and medical institutions to observe BLACK DAY on 19th October 2023. The usual medical work should continue, while the staff are requested to wear black ribbon bands to register their protest. Wherever possible, peaceful demonstrations should be held in or outside the hospitals, condemning Israel’s barbaric acts.

We demand the Pakistani Government to condemn the Israeli barbarism in severest form.

We demand to the governments of Muslim countries to stop their hypocritical attitude by improving ties with the Isreal’s fascist regime, and not supporting wounded and displaced Palestinians. They are equally responsible for the Palestinian’s miseries.

We demand to the Pakistani government to send medical and humanitarian aid to Gaza immediately. The health care structure there is broken and both medical aid and human resources are exhausted already. Hundreds of health care workers are ready to serve their brothers and sisters, and the people of Pakistan are more than willing to donate for their needy brothers and sisters in Palestine.

We demand stopping trade of all products made or by support of Isreal in Pakistan.

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