Health and Hygiene Project, Peshawar

Peshawar, October 2016: Safe Drinking Water & Hygiene Promotion Project is a three months awareness campaign in which PIMA provided health education to increase the knowledge regarding drinking water, safe hygiene and sanitation practices among flood affectees.

PIMA Khyber PK has completed fifth “Health and Hygiene Promotion Project” in Landi Daudizai, Peshawar (the disaster vulnerable community living on river bank) during July to October 2016. A total of 117 sessions were conducted attended by 2,473 people. Salient features of the project were education on drinking clean water, purification methods, hand washing, care of teeth, nails, hair, clothes, proper disposal of garbage, covering of food stuff and utensils, use of latrine (discouraging open air defecation), washing of vegetables, fruits before utilization and boiling of milk before drinking. Participants were also provided 1,392 health and hygiene kits at this occasion. These kits are consisting of daily usage items i.e. Toilet Soap, Toilet Roll, Tooth Brush, Tooth Paste, Comb, Nail Clipper, Water, Dates / Gram, and Mineral Water. Another 300 Women & Child Survival kits also distributed among local community comprising components for ARI and pneumonia prevention, hand washing, de-worming agents for children with hematinic and folates for pregnant and lactating mothers.

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