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Healthcare workers urged to get vaccinated

Islamabad, 26 April 2021: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has strongly appealed to all healthcare workers to get the covid vaccine without any delay. In the current situation, vaccination is our personal and national responsibility. The government should extend the deadline of registration of health care workers to at least one month if not indefinitely.

In a statement on Monday, President PIMA Dr Khubaib Shahid said that who can understand the importance of vaccine more than doctors and medical staff. “Medical personnel are at the highest risk of contracting the disease as they are exposed directly to patients, many may be asymptomatic. If the medical staff do not take care of themselves, how can they advocate it to others?”, he added. He further said that we not only need to protect ourselves while treating patients but also to protect our family members from this infection. He also appealed to the hospital administrations of public and private sectors to ensure that all their staff gets registered for the corona vaccine as priority basis.

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