PIMA Student Branch

Students Branch is started by PIMA to affiliate Medical Students with the organization as associate members, who automatically become full members of PIMA.

at their graduation. At present about 300 medical students are associate members of PIMA. PIMA also organizes programs like career planning for medical students and young doctors.

International Medical Students Summer Camps which is a unique program organized and hosted by Federations of Islamic Medical Associations (FIMA). Arranged in the form of annual meeting of Muslim medical students from Islamic and other countries, the camp offers its participants a comprehensive program including educational, cultural, social, sports, tourist and entertainment activities. Pakistani Medical Students are encouraged to attend these Summer Camps every year.


PIMA Students Branch is working in the students of Medical Colleges to:

  • Promote understanding of Quran and Sunnah.
  • Develop the attitude of selfless services of humanity.
  • Provide guidance and help in future career planning.
  • Help in academics & research
  • Create awareness regarding mission & activities of PIMA so that students may become its members after graduation.


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