Provincial Conventions 2011


PIMA Punjab Biennial convention was held on 27th March at Multan Arts Council. The theme was “کونو انصار اللہ. Approximately 700 male & female doctors of different specialties attended the convention. Associate members participation was remarkable.

Prof. Dr. Javed Ikram, Principle Allama Iqbal Medical College delivered a lecture on Liabilities, Responsibilities and Hopes of Young Doctors in the Present Horizon, Prof. Dr. Khawaja Sadiq Hussain Ex. President CPSP expressed his views on “Changing Values. Gen ® Hameed Gull expressed his thoughts on very important topic “Future of Pakistan”.

Prof. Dr. Laiq Hussain (Principle NMC)and Prof. Dr. Haroon Khurshid Pasha were the chair persons of the Ethical & Clinical sessions respectively.

Outgoing Provincial President Dr. Abdul Hafeez Kardar, Dr. Safdar Hashmi, Dr. Abdul Aziz Zia PIMA Relief Director and Mr. Kahlid Rehman from D.G. IPS were also Speakers of different sessions.

Dr. Muhammad Shafqat Javed, Central President PIMA was the presided the Open Session. This convention was really reflecting the efforts of Dr. Wali Muhammad Mujahid & his dedicated team.


Two days biennial convention of PIMA Sindh was held on 26th & 27th March at Hyderabad. The convention’s theme was “Primary Prevention”. More than 750 doctors and postgraduate students from public and private health institutions from all over the province attended the convention to enhance their professional capabilities in order to provide better healthcare.

Four different workshops held at this occasion were addressed by renowned physician and experts from all over the country. “Muslim Ummah at crossroads” a keynote talk was delivered by renowned scholars.

Three State of the Art Lectures on Tobacco control, key to disease prevention, Anemia, Metabolic Bone Disease were also delivered by eminent physicians on 2nd day of the Convention.

Central president PIMA Dr. Shafqat Javed briefly presented the PIMA activities inside Pakistan and abroad with special focus on recent flood relief activities and urged members of the health associations to volunteer more time for the suffering humanity.

At the concluding session a panel discussion on “Medical Ethics” was held. PIMA office bearers recommended the doctors community should improve patient-doctor relationships and protect the rights of patients during the treatment.

Khyber PK

On 2nd & 3rd April 2011 Biennial convention of PIMA Khyber Pakhton Khwa (KPK) was held at Peshawar Medical College. The theme of the convention was فاذکرونی اذکرکم.

More than 150 doctors participated from all over the province. A very well attended and thoroughly organized two days convention provided broad based interaction among the members and participants.

Prof. Hafiz Ijaz Ahmed (AIMC, Lahore), Prof. Habib-Ur-Rehman Asim (IIU Islamabad), Prof. Dr. Muhammad Iqbal Khan (GS PIMA), Dr. M. Iqbal Khalil were the eminent speakers.

On 2nd day Mr. Khalid Rehman (D.G. IPS), Professor M .Saleem (Qurtaba University), Prof. M Said & Dr. Asghar also addressed the convention.

Central President was also present at this occasion. He stressed that continuous medical and Islamic ethical educations are the key tools of a PIMA member. He also urged a role model character of teachers in medical institutions.

Azad Kashmir

PIMA Azad Jammu & Kashmir (AJK) convention was held on 10th April, 2011 at Mirpur with the theme of ادع الیٰ سبیل ربک. More than 130 doctors glorified the event by their presence.

This one day convention was divided into three main sessions. 1st session was addressed by Prof. Habib Ur Rehman Asim, Prof. Irfan Ahmed (Chairman Dar-e-Arqam School System), Dr.Atta-ur-Rehman and Dr. Abdur Rehman.

Dr. Aftab Ahmed Mir also extended his vote of thanks to the participants and speakers. He was the secretary of this convention.

2nd Session was clinical and main topics were kidney diseases, hypertension and updates. Dr. Hafiz Ijaz Ahmed and Dr. Javed Ikram were the guest speakers.

3rd Session was presided by Qazi Hussain Ahmed. He emphasized the need of doctor’s role in community work and relief activities to meet the health needs of poor’s and destitute. Dr. Shafqat Javed also presented PIMA’s activities.


PIMA Balochistan Convention was held on 30th May, 2011 at MPA Hostel Quetta. The theme was اطلبوالعلم من المہد الی اللحد . Approximately 45 doctors participated in this one day convention. Programs were divided in three sessions.

Training session was addressed by Dr. Nazir Ahmed Badini. Dr. Atta-Ur- Rehman, & Dr. Mehmood ul Raza. Clinical Session were addressed by Dr. Saleem Bareech, Dr. Intizar Hussain Butt and Dr. Atta-Ur-Rehman whereas Organizational session addressed by Dr. Shafqat Javed president PIMA.

This convention was a reflection of tremendous efforts of Dr. Nazir Ahmed Badeni and his team. In fact it is a ray of hope for PIMA to expand its work in Baluchistan.

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