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Lahore hosted the fourth Program of “All About Pain”

Lahore, 28 October 2017: Fourth program of the “All About Pain” series was held at Sheikh Zaid Hospital, Lahore on 28 September 2017. Prof Muhammad Ikram, Head Department of Gynae and Obs SZH chaired the session while Prof Farid Ahmad Khan, Chairman and Dean SZH was the chief guest. Speakers included Prof Ehsan Nauman, Head of Neurology Department PGMI / LGH; Prof Amatullah Zareen, Head of Gynecology Department AIMC; Prof Pervez Iqbal, Head of the Orthopedics Department SZH; Dr Fariha Shah, Head of Physiotherapy Department, Fatima Memorial Hospital College of Medicine and Dentistry; and Dr Syed Mehmood Ali, Assistant Professor of Anesthesia SZH. Prof Hafiz Ijaz Ahmad was the chairperson of the program.

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