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Frontliners against Covid 19 are at high risk

Islamabad, 19 March 2020: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) demands from the government to ensure safety of health care workers apart from common man. PIMA expressed its deep concern over the unsafe working situation for doctors & paramedics in various public & private hospitals.

In a statement on Wednesday, Central president of PIMA, Prof Dr Muhammad Afzal Mian said that doctors & paramedics are facing a real threat as they are working in unsafe circumstances without safety tools.

He added that personal Protective Equipments (PPE) are deficient in many hospitals, sanitisers are short in the market, while masks especially N95 are almost unavailable.

He strongly demands the provision of these to all healthcare providers especially to those who are in close contacts with vulnerable patients. If treating doctors and nurses become ill or quarantined, how can the health system deal with the enormous needs?

PIMA president also suggested tertiary care and other hospitals dealing with suspected cases to limit their elective services as far as possible, without compromising patient’s needs.

He advised government to develop Quarantine areas in outskirts of cities utilizing district & Taluqa hospitals instead of tertiary care hospitals, with necessary facilities, both for healthcare professionals & patients. Temporary quarantine & dedicated treatment centres can also be made at stadiums & expo centres where available to avert the risk of spread of lethal viral infection to common people.

Prof Muhammad Afzal appreciates the courageous, committed and highly professional services rendered by the healthcare workers at this crucial time.

He also urged all doctors and paramedics to uphold their oath to treat anyone in any circumstances, accepting difficulties and hardships, with a firm belief that they will be honoured with the best reward in the life hereafter.

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