PIMA launched Quit Tobacco during Ramadan campaign

Islamabad, 2 May 2019: Pakistan Islamic Medical Association (PIMA) has launched “Quit Tobacco during Ramadan” campaign and announced to observe National No-Tobacco Day on the 1st of Ramazan across the country. The aim is to encourage smokers to quit smoking, using the will power of enduring long fasts.

Programs and lectures would be arranged in PIMA units, anti-tobacco literature will be distributed and social media utilised to sensitize public about this menace.

PIMA President Prof Muhammad Afzal Mian said in a press release on Thursday, that Ramazan is one of the most important month of the Islamic calendar as it is a time for fasting, praying, forgiveness and purification. It is seen as a time to start positive habits, making it an ideal time to stop tobacco.

As now, Pakistan is among top 15 countries of the world in tobacco production and consumption. It is estimated that 150,000 lives are lost annually due to tobacco consumption in Pakistan, and many times more remain ill.

He requested Doctors to ask patients to quit tobacco in Ramazan. This is because people are forced to quit smoking while fasting anyway and if they try they can develop will power to say goodbye to smoking forever.

It is expected that because of the special atmosphere in Ramazan, and the sense of discipline it engenders in practicing Muslims, many regular smokers may quit tobacco use, thereby saving many lives and families.

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